William G. Brown: Would Keats Ode to the Earthworks Moon?

  • All is true and beautiful within the experience of this moment. Just as Keats found those moments in ancient pottery, I experienced something special that people over two thousand years ago had waited to reveal.

Elizabeth Byers Gaubert: The Disenchanted Debutante

  • Lily Bart’s childhood established a pattern of luxury and privilege that was considered to be a right of old moneyed New York society.

Heidi Smith: Take Back the Streets .  .  . for Real

  • As the documentary wrapped up with beautiful shots of the city today, my poor mom stomped off in outrage yelling, “Where were we?” and Ann trailed behind her whispering something about them including gays once somewhere in there. Yes, I noticed, gays were mentioned once–as being scary.

Norita Yoder: For the Sake of Peace

  • The post-World War II Mennonite relief efforts came out of this long history and theology of mutual aid.