Michael Reimer


May I just say I despise APA?

The name and the date and the page with a p.
No, you can’t just write the number you see,
Lest someone forget that the thing at the end
Is a page that you turn to and not some append

Age is of vital importance as well,
So make sure with each citation you tell
When it was written, Again and Again
Get it stuck in their head – It was 2010!

And don’t get me started about capitalization,
It always seems to end in utter frustration
Those rules that we’ve learned since nearly grade two
Are over. Kaput! They’re finished; they’re through!

Instead we’re stuck with an italicized line,
The first word is capitalized and nothing behind
These rules are complicated, complex and confused
It’s almost impossible to have nothing misused

But still I must use them, use one and use all
So thanks very much Mr. G. Stanley Hall

Michael, an alumnus of Ohio State Newark, is now enrolled in the campus’s M.Ed. program.