Jennifer Lusetti


You are the flower garden, the hidden key,
The secret whisper that I can only hope to see –
You are the rain that cleans this cityscape,
You are the one and only superman cape
When I look up at the sky to catch a glimpse of mars,
I realize that you’ve given me countless reasons
to count the stars.



If god made the world, something went amiss.
It’s not that I refuse to believe, my doubt was caused
by madness.
Thinking that light is better than dark
Unlucky folks who have to sleep in the park
Depending on the lottery for a better life
Having a girlfriend who isn’t your wife
Hating someone for their lack of belief
Slitting your wrists to find some needed relief
Hate crimes spreading up and down the street
Children drinking rancid water with no shoes on their
Locking all the doors to keep out the rain
Women giving birth despite the pain
Broken promises that are painted bright red
Talking to people we know are quite dead
Racing time when we know we can’t win
Trying to end when we need to begin
Bombs exploding every which way
Men dying for nothing every single day
The fairytale for peace haunting us all
A sweetness, the snake, and then came the fall
Holding onto something that died long ago
Innocent victims labeled and buried as Jane Doe
Not a whole lot makes sense to me,
But questions are better than letting things be.

Jennifer Lusetti is a senior majoring in English.