Jenneca Vaughn


The words dance with laughter as I try to catch them.
They fly away cutting me as they go.
Like Rumpelstiltskin they can be caught when you name them, then they’re no longer your foe.
Millions and millions of little enemies dancing in my head, this secret I do dread.

Others minds are the worst.
They call you stupid and lazy, how can they understand?
Their minds are closed and cannot see the difference you can bring.
They think in a linear motion, A + B = C.
While you’re dancing circles around them, we’re already on Z.
They say you’re wrong or that you cheat because they can’t stand defeat.
So you sit in the shadows watching the world float by, word after word, trying to hide.

Oh to be normal, then I could win the race.
No one teasing, always pleasing.
I’d like to see me without the look of disgrace smeared across my face.
The “Normal” mind is healthy, but my mind is broken so where does that leave me.
Lost and broken.

Day after day this secret I do keep.
Weeping in frustration, wanting admiration, trying to find my way.
Left foot, right foot, or was it right foot, left foot.
Who cares? I will make a way!
I see you, you’re blocking my path.


I have named you, you are in my grasp.
You are only a word a concept at last.
Dyslexia, the nemesis of my nothingness is defeated and in the past.

My mind is at peace, no longer in pieces.
I understand I was never broken, just out of alignment.

Jenneca Vaughn is a senior majoring in Criminology and Psychology. “I work in the OSU Newark Archive. I’m a mother of a beautiful 8 year old girl and my husband is active duty Army. I one day hope to be a police officer or a writer.”’