Jared Frick


I built the ark.

I gather the animals one by one,
and filled them with nectar and ambrosia as I sold the sun.
I’ve witnessed the prophecy between the shepherds lie and the silence peak,
and tested the waters for the unholy and the weak.
You can see the storm forming on the horizon,
as the blue sky is given a blanket to reside in.

I built the ark,
as a means for self survival.
I built the ark,
to fuel the oncoming revival.

The line between prophecy and apathy is growing each day,
I must say you were right.
Cause perched in the sky,
I see a pair of wandering eyes.
They’ve followed me once before.

I built the ark,
all to see what would happen.
I built the ark,
and sighed in relief.

(Step aside Noah, the limelight is mine.)



We were creatures in the night.
Feeding off the flesh and substance abuse of the bottle.
I was the oil to your water,
and you were the catalyst to my lust.
We laid a fortress with bricks missing at the base,
and it’s only a matter of time till it messes with the edifice.
I’m interested in your insides, and I’m almost full.
So top me off and let me go.
All the words poured from a whores mouth,
and I know I’m wrong to use such a word.
But I caught a glimpse of her past…
She was made too pretty.
I was high off the love you gave me,
but it only made me seem petty.
I get lost sometimes on the black tar pavement, that seperates the vast green ocean.
I get lost all to find my way back.
Top me off and let me go.
So I can make my way back home.

Jared is a sophomore majoring in English