Daphne Hicks-Blankenship


We pack them in egg cartons

Wrapped in foam
And duct tape.

We put them in boxes
And offset the flaps
So they won’t fly open.

We hold them with two hands,
We take cautious steps
In double-knotted skid-free shoes.

We take precautions.

And we drop them over the edge.



That Spring should follow Fall, the burnt umber
Of Autumn making way for verdancy —
Life, with cold and ice, ne’er torn asunder.
Oh, to skip the fits and the blue passions
Of Winter! The grey slush like a defect
That bleeds away hope and leaves us ashen
With pale memories of mistakes, regret.
Yet would the grass of May, warmed by the sun
Be as loved beneath bare feet, as pleasing
Did we not recall Winter, scarcely gone
Where no life dared bloom for fear of freezing?

And so the woes of life make all more sweet
Those little joys that make our souls complete.

Daphne is a junior at OSU Newark majoring in English. She writes: “I have been writing since I was in the fourth grade when my teacher, Mrs. Ritter, introduced me to Shel Silverstein and Judy Blume.