Abby Spear

Dark and Light in Venice

I saw a girl
In the streets of Venice
Her mouth, her chin set firm

But her eyes always down
A black cloak
A white dress

And a red blouse
The wispy fabric flowed, fought
The black and the white

Swirling together
Like the shadows of the Dark
Fighting the beams of Light

Trying to smother it
The red of her shirt
Blood flow of her heart

Weak and weeping
Under the hard of fight
Of the Dark and the Light

Nearly suffocating her
Is this not evidence
For her down-cast countenance?

But strength is found in her firm lip
Does no one see the pain?
Does no one see the fight?

No, for she hides it well
Oh that I could help her
Help her fight the fight

But I can’t
I would not know how
Nor would she let me, I see

So I must simply catch my breath
As she walks by the crowds
A thin veil over their eyes

Blinding them from this being
Who carries in her
The essence of supernatural

The fight of the Dark and the Light

From the painting Street in Venice by John Singer Sargent



I sit in bed and listen
To the rain fall on the roof
Beating out a funky rhythm
My world is quiet, besides the rain
Thoughts are frozen in the air
But the silence speaks to me
The struggle between two worlds
My fantasy and my reality
Has dissolved and the two meld into one
The air is thick, but my mind pierces through it
My senses, sharper than normal, attuned to everything
The darkness reveals what I am blind to in the light
The world around me, free
From the clutches of human mediocrity and disbelief
Moves about with pleasure and busyness; and sighs of release
At times I am solemn, and listen humble
And with the great heaviness
Of the knowledge of my ignorance
At times I am joyful
And listen with rapt attention
To the music of the silence

But all times
During this solace of quiet

I am at Peace



Every day I smile
That contagious, easy smile
Most days, I want to
Most days, I mean it

But sometimes,
When I’m alone
The Tsunami

I’m lying on the ground
My head’s in my hands
I’m screaming, crying,
But no one hears me

I’m alone

The sea rages
Fear and pain grip my heart,
Grip my heart so cruelly it bleeds
I claw at the ground,
But the trembling, rocking earth
Tries to envelop me
The rain hits like bullets
On my shaking body
The wind whips my hair,
The waves roll
And crash
Closer . . .
And closer…

I close my eyes . . .
Suddenly the noise stops.

I open my eyes

I’m in an empty room
And a light is shining.

Peace washes over
He smiles at me
And I smile back


A Nation Ripped Apart

Brother against Brother
Is how the story goes
War ripped apart a nation
Stained it red as a rose

Where is the Unified Republic?
So glorious, and so young
Could not hold itself together
‘Fore it’d seen many suns

Where are the Sons of Liberty?
Whose fathers fought as one?
They’re scattered, killing one another
At Cold Harbor and Bull Run

So many thousand men were killed
Perhaps they had to pay
For each life that had been taken
Because of slavery each day

Why does the bloody war rage on?
Each side refusing stubbornly
To back off, let there be peace anon
Reining through the country blessedly

It’s so because each side believes
So deeply that their cause is just
They’ll fight for their cause till the end
Till they turn back to dust

How did such differences
Between the North and South arise?
The legislature could not make decisions
And none would give a compromise

So the battles just kept on increasing
Till the C.S.A. was decimated
So many soldiers brave and true
Their death hour was so early fated

All the families, sweethearts, friends
Left at home to mourn and weep
Their loved ones had no burial ground
Fallen in battle; piled in a heap

How did so many dying souls
Not shake the earth beneath them?
We hope to see those men again
Where agony can’t reach them

Abby Spear is a sophomore majoring in Linguistics. She writes: “I want to travel all over the world, and learn as many languages as I can. I enjoy writing poetry, swing dancing, losing myself in books, and learning who people really are. I strive to be relentlessly kind- kindness is the most powerful force on earth.”