Alex Carroll:


  • So silence veiled the field’s remains, / And nature ceased to stir

Jared Frick:

Prophesy and Apathy

  • I built the ark / All to see what would happen

A Window of Relapse

  • We were creatures in the night / Feeding off the flesh and substance abuse of the bottle

Darcy Heller:

A Wasted Life

  • Uncertainty she is my bride, / while danger is my groom

Daphne Hicks-Blankenship:

For Allison on her 16th Birthday

  • We pack them in egg cartons / Wrapped in foam / and duct tape

Sonnet 2

  • Yet would the grass of May, warmed by the sun / Be as loved beneath bare feet

Laurinda Johnson:

Rachel Alcohol

  • You aren’t a student of education. / You’re a student of experimentation.

Breana Jossey:

The Voice of  Nature

  • You, flute, speak for the leaves

The Package

  • I do not know Melissa, and I opened it nonetheless


  • For endless sun, or driving rain / For seconds of pleasure, or hours of pain


  • There must be a way / A place where the poles come together

Jennifer Lusetti:


  • You are the flower garden, the hidden key


  • If god made the world, something went amiss

Will Moran:

Mercy Seat

  • Mercy is a lie

Michael Reimer:

Running Head

  • My I just say I despise APA?

Abby Spear:

Dark and Light in Venice

  • Strength is found in her firm lip

A Nation Ripped Apart

  • How did so many dying souls / Not shake the earth beneath them?


  • When I’m alone, the Tsunami unleashes…alone, the sea rages


  • My world is quiet, besides the rain / Thoughts are frozen in the air / But the silence speaks to me

Jen Struckman:

Entombed by Man

  • I once longed / to live and love, and forgot to find freedom / in the vireo’s song or a sunlit room

I, misplaced

  • I want to love you but my heart says, misplaced– / my heart says, Wanderer


  • His voice pours desire so absolute / my lips part and drink intonations in

A Tree

  • I have longed to feel / the mountains tremble beneath my feet / or to hold the world / in one silver, streaked hand.

Jenneca Vaughn:

A Broken Mind

  • you sit in the shadows watching the world float by, word after word, trying to hide