An Unsuccessful Death

The looming evil felt so good. The translucent monsters and spirits, my co-conspirators, surrounding me only encouraged the pain that I wanted to disperse on others. The white light was beginning to fade. I could taste the poison of hatred inside my mouth. I began salivating on it, feeding my wicked appetite for the dark arts. The cold air that surrounded me felt like fire coursing throughout my veins.

The small child on her tricycle bewilderingly looked up at me in curiosity, unaware of my intentions. A dense black and red mist presented itself just above her head. This was the sign that I had found the right soul. This innocent one had been marked by the powers below for termination. I began to walk forward, in what felt like slow motion. She stared at me in some trance-like state. Some humans say that children can see things adults cannot. Some even say they can see death before it happens. From her fixation in my direction, I was beginning to believe this was true.

I discreetly pulled my onyx encrusted sickle out from behind me, lengthening it in a long wide arc. Disbelievingly the young girl appeared to come out of her immobile state of being with a most angelic smile upon her face. Just as I swung my blessed death-giver, a ripple in the air caused a queasy feeling in my stomach. The most incandescent and blinding white light enveloped all that was. A foreign tongue spoke words I couldn’t decipher, but somehow, those words had quashed the dark visions from my mind. My vision began to come back. At first, all I could see was assorted balls of rainbow colored dots. Seconds passed to minutes until I could see clearly once again.

I was standing in the same spot as before, but the child was mysteriously gone. Death had failed its mission.