J. Kelley AndersonLove Notes for the Sun

  • The plan was simple enough. It played to all of my strengths. Specifically, it relied on my ability to look harmless followed rapidly by being anything but.

William G. BrownHer Last Nickel

  • Her hand slides over the table, grips a white and blue sheet. It folds over her hand. She stares at it. Her eyes are wet.

Steven Foley

An Unsuccessful Death

  • I could taste the poison of hatred inside my mouth. I began salivating on it, feeding my wicked appetite for the dark arts.

Ripple Explorers

  • “What are ye youngn’s doing on this battlefield?” This guy was clearly taking his acting overboard.

Three Dark Fantasies

  • Sunlight had long since disappeared. The cold night of darkness surrounded everything around me now.

Beth GoodwinPrologue

  • “The castle has been breached; they’re slaughtering everyone in sight.”

Kory McGaugheyIn the Shadows of the Moon

  • I had been working here since the beginning. It was back when going to the moon was a myth. It actually still felt like a myth to me.

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