Creative Nonfiction

William G. Brown:

A Glimpse of My Father

  • Sitting in his armchair, his legs folded up. The left leg peaks like a mountain, the right leg flows under like a river, and his stomach rests in the valley.

Hair with a Smile

  • As she pulls the bobby pin from the tassel of hair smoothed back on the top of her head, her dark bangs tumble into her face.

Shirley Curtis: Why Jolly Pirate Donut Shops are Better than a Bar

  • I looked up into the huge mirror behind the counter. I could see myself and everyone else plus the scenery outside behind our backs.

Steven Foley: The Ritual of Object Hunting

  • The ritual of object hunting starts with the compilation of various objects into a list . . .

Daphne Hicks-Blankenship: Sense Memory

  • I reflect upon a room in my grandmother’s house  on a Saturday in spring with the curtains dancing in the breeze.

Breana Jossey: I Want Lemonade

  • I was always under the impression this country was fairly preoccupied with war; little did I know, we are genuinely obsessed.