Welcome to Taproot

Welcome to the eighth edition of Taproot, the interdisciplinary creative journal of The Ohio State University at Newark. This year’s board of student editors is proud to present a new and exciting edition highlighting the creative energies of Ohio State Newark’s talented students. This online version of the journal complements and expands the print version, available in public sites on the Newark Campus.

Student editors for this 2012 edition included Laura Atchison, Tabatha Baughman, Steven Foley, Chris Hearty, Breana Jossey, Shane Lanning, Kory McGaughey, Mary Parker, Abby Spear, and Jennifer Struckman. Would you like to know more? Contact Dr. Elizabeth Weiser at weiser.23@osu.edu.

Any student or alumnus of Ohio State Newark can submit original creative work—any genre—to Taproot at any time by sending it to taprootproject@gmail.com. Submissions are reviewed by the editorial board once a year for possible inclusion in the future edition. The next publication will appear in 2014. See the submission guidelines link for further instructions.