See below gallery for links to individual artists’ pages.

Tabatha Baughman

Tabatha Baughman is a junior majoring in mathematics and physical science. She writes: “It’s easier to embrace change than it is to fight it.”

Victoria Chanfrau

Victoria is a sophomore majoring in English. She writes: “I aspire to work within the coinciding fields of Marketing and Communications. I thoroughly enjoy “King of the World” because of its natural impact upon the viewer. It demonstrates a few of nature’s elements: power, brightness, and simplicity.”

Amber Dingess

Amber is a senior majoring in Business Administration. She writes: “This illustrates mainly how much nature and the outdoors inspires me. Personally, I am inspired by the small details and textures in objects as well as bold bright colors.”

Elizabeth Byers Gaubert

Elizabeth, a senior English major, writes: “I am a stay-at-home mother of 4 completely charming and totally crazy children, a part time college student and fledging business owner. Thanks to Dr. Ruderman canceling class one day because he had to present at a conference, I was able to jump on a plane to Nebraska for an ‘adventure.’ I am forever grateful for the experience–the spirit of Willa Cather lives on in the sublime beauty of the land and generosity of the people.”

Duane Gray

Duane is a first-year Art Education major. He writes: “I did ‘Righty in Spirit’ just to show my sister what she is at heart, she really loves Zebras. We have pet names: she calls me Lefty and I call her Righty. I tried to create a zebra picture that captured the spirit of my sister.”

Miguel Johnson

Miguel is majoring in software engineering, with plans to attend CCAD in the fall. He writes: “I eventually want to start my own movie production company. My favorite band is Paramore, my favorite artist is Caravaggio. I’m addicted to Chipotle and Mountain Dew.”

Kayla Liston

Kayla is a first-year pre-nursing major. She writes: “I love drawing! Especially with pencil. My plans for school are to get a Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing. In my free time I watch The Big Bang Theory, The Office and Lost.”

Dexter Morgan

Dexter is a freshman in Music Education and Recording Arts. He writes: “I wanted to draw a picture that was both political and funny at the same time.”

Retha Carolyn Murray

Retha, an alumna (1995), writes: I’m 71 years old and the mother of 9 (5 sons and 4 daughters). I also have 16 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. I love life in general. I do family genealogy. Love taking photos so wherever I go I have my camera with me. I make ‘trip books’ when I go on a trip. I took this just after my son’s graduation from law school in Florida.

McKenzie L. Shaw

McKenzie is a sophomore at OSU Newark majoring in Hospitality Management. She writes: “This picture is of the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The ride, one of my favorites, has a scary appeal, but a not so terrifying story. The house is said to hold 999 ‘Happy Haunts’ but there is ‘room for 1,000!’ Now that I am interning here at Walt Disney World, I get to visit this wonderful mansion every day!”


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